The People of Oz

- As written by Ambassador Glompsh Redpeak


Wolves, dragons, bears, moles and even a flamingo! Changelings come in all shapes, sizes and breeds. It's tough to know when you see one, but easy to tell when they start talking to you! A Changeling is what we've come to know them as, and any animal whether real or fantastical likely has a Changeling cousin somewhere. We aren't really sure where they come from, they never seem to breed perfectly true, and it always seems to be some strange happenstance that brings them into being.
Don't be surprised though if that fellow with the golden eyes who's constantly sniffing at butts turns out to be able to sprout fur, fangs and claws when he gets upset though.

Walk carefully is my only advice.


Whether it be metal, straw, quilting or wood, the people that have come to be known as Constructs can be found anywhere. Whether they too fell into the hope of winning a woman's love by changing their form, or they are part of some great experiment, one thing is known for certain: they are some tough buggers. Found doing everything from clerical work to running taverns to being in charge of Security, while they may look slow, many of them are as sharp of wit as any other Oz-lander.

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From here, from there, from everywhere! Humans are one of the most difficult to track down history with, you usually end up with a mishmash of cultures from the Outworld and Oz all condensed down. Holding positions within every Military and within most towns, Humans seem to have adapted to our new existence quickly and easily, their sheer ability to adapt really aiding them in these dark and uncertain times.

  • Gillikins
    Gillikins are the people who live in the Gillikin Country, the northern quadrant of the Land of Oz. They are known to be a prosperous and industrious. Their favored color is purple.
  • Munchkins
    Munchkins are family-oriented people with small, tight-knit communities of mostly herders and farmers. They are known for having a shorter stature than most humans but this is not a hard rule. Their favored color is blue.
  • Quadlings
    Quadlings are citizens of Quadling Country, the southern quadrant of the Land of Oz. They are ruled by Glinda the Good. They often have ruddy complexions and are used to a rugged lifestyle. Their favored color is red.
  • Storm Riders
    Storm Riders are humans native to Earth. No one knows how it truly works but it seems large storms are responsible for transporting people to Oz. Storm Riders can be from anywhere on Earth from a time period of 1800 to 1899. The sudden appearance of a human from Earth sometimes causes confusion.
    OOG Note: Please be respectful of the cultures you borrow from for your character.
  • Winkies
    The Winkies are residents of the Winkie Country, the western quadrant of the Land of Oz. The Winkies were once ruled by Nick Chopper the Tin Woodsman, who was disposed by the witch, Azkedelia. Their favored color is yellow.


Immortal is what we came to call them. Ha! Gallows humor still knows no bounds. The pixies, elves, pointy eared whos and who nots are the bastard offspring of the Faeries. Traits passed down from generation to generation have given them what seems even now to be an extraordinarily long but fragile existence. Some of the greatest Witches and Wizards come from these ranks; pure unfettered talent comes from them when they attempt to weave the mystical arts.

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The mangaboos appear as humans with plant-like features based on their type. Each Mangaboo is born as a specific type of fruit, vegetable, or fungus and their appearance greatly reflects that. Their clothing is often very attractive and grows on their bodies. Mangaboos are expressionless and show little emotion; this leads some to believe they are cold or heartless.

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(NPC-only as of March 2020)

Nomes, I've felt, have always gotten a bad rap here in the lands of Oz. Full disclosure; I am the Ambassador from the Nome King to Oz. That said, I feel I have a fairly strong grasp of our history and politics, and the maneuvers that have existed here within Oz to discredit or demonize my people. Sure, we may have once tried to siege Oz to take the Emerald City for all of the riches. Sure, we may feel entitled to everything beneath the grass (who else is using it?) but really most of us are just artisans, politicians and explorers like everyone else. Give a Nome a chance. Who knows, we may end up being your best friends!

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The noble lions of the jungles and savannahs. Once, maybe. Talk about a bunch of damned sissies, at least when compared to the legends you hear. To be fair, I suppose, there are the occasional wandering tribe of truly badass lions that come through now and again. All Roar and ALL BITE! Sorry. The thing Viewers are most known for, and why they've acquired that name over the years, is their ability to read one another. Once upon a time they were able to discern great ideas and whole conversations with another person, without even opening their mouths. Perhaps even more disturbing than that though, and in some ways even greater, they are now able to talk to the dead. It's disturbing, but well worth watching sometime if you ever get the chance. If they can be cajoled into it, they may be some of the greatest investigators Oz will ever have in the future.


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