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Events Schedule

Upcoming Events
2024-10-11 00:00
2024-10-18 23:59
World of Oz
2024-11-08 00:00
2024-11-15 23:59
World of Oz

Note: Events for the next calendar year may take some time to be confirmed, so if it's late in the year and there are no Upcoming Events below, DON'T WORRY!  Events will be posted as they are confirmed with site and staff.

Before Event

Paying for event

Pre-pay for your next event here: https://squareup.com/store/last-games-nw

Pre-paying is not required, but it does help us cover costs such as the site deposit. Alternatively, cash payment can be accepted at check-in upon arrival.

Requesting item tags

If you know ahead of time what tags you would like to have your character produce or purchase at check-in, please fill out the tag request form check-in posts on Facebook and Discord prior to event. While this is also not required, it does speed up the check in process.

Checking the rules

It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the latest version of the rules, especially those rules that apply to your character(s) in particular, before each game.

Link to Current Rulebook  (Download PDF Rules v4.0)

Last updated 2020-03-04

Coming to Game

Currently our events are held at Camp Kirby: 4734 Samish Point Rd, Bow, WA 98232

Additional information and announcements, such as site check-in time and information specific to that weekend, are usually posted ahead of each game weekend.

The general expectations when arriving on site:

  1. Visit check-in if open, or check in at SC Camp
  2. Set yourself up
  3. Assist staff volunteers with setup
  4. Assist other players with setup
  5. Get into game!
Photograph policy

Please remember that not all of our players are comfortable with being tagged in (or being in at all) pictures of our game. If you are not sure about the list of people who have opted-out of photos, please get that list from staff, or ask permission before posting pics.

After Game

We love hearing how our players feel about the game!  Feel free to reach out to staff directly via their staff e-mail addresses, post about how your event went on Facebook or Discord, or fill out feedback surveys posted by staff!

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