The Stronghold Gazette

The Stronghold Gazette, a newspaper published by Wright Publishing, literally landed in the community of Horizon’s Stronghold. For the extremely fortunate townspeople, a wondrous printing contraption dropped from the sky, just a short distance from the town.  

Twin brothers George Aleister Wright and George Bernard Wright successfully salvaged the Colville printing press when it landed by sheer happenstance on George Bernard Wright's head and bounced off, settling in its new permanent location.  


Miss Nue is currently running the affairs of the Stronghold Gazette.  If you want to advertise your business, proclaim your love to your sweetie, or have some newsworthy event or a fun tale to spin, talk to her in-game or send an email to thestrongholdgazette@gmail.com.  (Since this is a player-run volunteer publication, please have patience.  You may not receive a reply right away.)

The deadline for all submissions is typically 2 weeks before game.  All pricing, compensation, and guidelines are subject to change, but currently are as follows:

  • Cost: 1 emerald
  • Advertisements may take up to 1/8th of a page or smaller.  You may request more space for an additional cost.  Miss Nue is available to rewrite or redesign adverts, at cost, on request.
  • Cost: 1 bit per 20 words
  • Pays: 1 emerald
  • Articles include things like reporting on town events, current events from further afield, recipes and fashion tips, etc.
  • If an article can be considered a personal or advertisement, it will be subject to the cost of the appropriate type instead.
Letters to the Editor
  • No cost
  • If a letter can be considered a personal or advertisement, it will be subject to the cost of the appropriate type.


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