Constructs are not born, they are made. The first Constructs were simply tools; free laborers used to build and defend Oz. While the technology and magic used to create Constructs themselves have evolved beyond that humble origin, to this day Constructs are typically created with some purpose or function in mind depending on the individual who created them, be it to sweep the floor or to preserve the living memory of a departed loved one. Though there are only two distinct methods for animating a Construct, and two categories of materials used, there are many unique kinds of Constructs.

Methods for Construct Animation

  • Tik-Tok: Are animated using science and engineering.
  • Magical: Are animated using Magic.

Materials Used for Construct Assembly

  • Inorganic: Are assembled using metal, porcelain or glass, fabric, and other non-living materials. Though these Constructs often have to worry about rust and damage, they are usually very resilient and long lasting.
  • Organic: Assembled using flesh, bones, wood and plants, food, rock, and other types of once or currently living materials. Unless preserved in some way, Constructs of this nature often have to worry about acquiring replacement parts when one part inevitably decays.

Many Constructs are also created using both organic and inorganic materials, and some may add or 'upgrade' their materials based on whatever need arises. For example, many organic Constructs will acquire inorganic parts as armor or to prevent future decay. Many inorganic Constructs will acquire organic parts such as living organs to gain the organs associated benefits and skills, for example; A Construct with a Brain will typically become more logical, and one with a heart will sometimes begin to display emotions, though it is not uncommon for Constructs without either to have these types of traits as well.

Construct Lifespan

Constructs are generally able to sustain themselves indefinitely so long as they have access to the proper materials. There are Constructs that have been around for even as long as some Immortals.

Construct Models


Scrappers are built by Inventors from scratch, usually using the Tik-Tok method and usually for a specific task. Gaining citizenship for Tik-Tok Scrappers is especially difficult as free will is usually prevented by their programming. It is a common practice to name a Scrapper after their purpose or based on the materials that they were built from. (Ie, Woody, Turner, Drillbit, etc')

Famous Scrapper: The Scarecrow King.

Example#1: Sweepy was built from old brooms that his creator had around and programmed with the instructions to sweep his creator's floors all day. He is almost completely made out of wood, straw, and twine, and has a human face and heart. His owner died years ago and Sweepy left home to find a new person to work for. He is very focused on cleaning and feels most at ease when floors are clean. He prefers to work for someone specific rather than offering services to many people.

Example #2: A wealthy Emerald City Family custom built their Tik Tok named Dolly to care for their young children. With skin of Porcelain and cloth, an organic Tik Tok tummy fit for sharing cookies at Tea Parties, a sweetness algorithm, and a real flesh and blood heart to care with Dolly was the best Nanny Construct that Emeralds could buy. She dutifully followed the instructions of her Masters and tended to the children's every need, from wiping away tears to teaching them to read. The Children eventually grew up and became independent, no longer needing Dolly's tending. One day the cloth of her back ripped open, and the Masters instructed the now 'broken' Dolly to go and wait for the garbage man.

She stood at the curb for quite some time when a friendly Tinkerer Nome happened upon her. The Nome fixed her up as good as new, and took her home. With the support of her new friend, her freedom, and her heart to guide her, Dolly went on to manage her own Tea Party service and became a citizen.

Example #3: Clutch is a completely metal Tik Tok that was built hundreds of years ago to guard his reclusive maker. He was designed to withstand almost anything, to fight without fear, to protect his maker without hesitation, and to accept his position as an owned non-citizen construct.

After his maker died, he ran out of fuel and shut down. Hundreds of years later he was discovered by a man who claimed ownership of him and he followed the man to the Emerald city. He was sold to another few people before he came to be the possession of Horizon Stronghold's Marshall and his resilience and skills made him a strong and effective Deputy for the town. After several upgrades, and despite the support he would now receive from his friends in the town, Clutch still chooses to remain a non-Citizen and is perfectly content to simply perform his function of protecting the people of the Town.


A creator begins with the dead flesh of person and uses either the Tik-Tok or Magical animation method to create a replica of a living person. Some parts of the Construct can be inorganic materials, but most will usually be organs and flesh. Often they are designed to act out the reactions and responses of their dead counterpart, and some have even claimed to still retain some of the actual memories and feelings from their flesh's former life. Resurrected Constructs usually keep their human names from their previous lives, though some do come to feel that they are not the same person and seek to attain a separate identity.

Famous Resurrected: The Tin Woodsman (originally Nick Chopper).

Example #1: Barlin Huckleberry used to be a sharpshooter in The Scarecrow's Army. When he was killed, his officers found that the cost of training a new sharpshooter would be more than simply making Barlin into a Construct. The bullet wounds in his chest and arm were patched up with metal scraps. Barlin claims to remember most of his past life, but some spots are fuzzy. Years later, having served out his time in the army and attaining citizenship, he is ready to retire and try to live a normal life.


Witches can magically create Constructs either on purpose or by accident using both organic and inorganic materials. Due to the Magical nature of their creation, Puppets are usually less restricted by any sort of program and are often more capable of attaining free will and acting on their own.

Famous Puppet: Jack Pumpkinhead.

Example #1: Tippit Cuddles was made out of quilts when her owner, a powerful witch, was trying to beat the dust out of some of her blankets and accidentally brought them to life. When her creator tried to have her work in the laundry room, Tippit ran away and started a life of wandering.

Example #2: Thaddeus Buckworth is a Magical Scarecrow that a Witch created to protect a farmer's fields. He was bound to the fields by a powerful spell and spent countless years as a silent guardian, until there came a time when the farmer stopped coming to the fields to check on him. Years passed by and you could bet that every crow in the land shivered at his name as he faithfully continued defending the fields, until a passer by asked him why he never tried to break the spell. He gave it a try and to his surprise, he walked right off of it, never to return again.

From that day forward, his new task was still to protect, but he was no longer bound to the field. He wandered for over 500 years, and he came to truly care about the things that he protected. Today he is a respected citizen and Deputy of Horizon Stronghold.

Social Structure

Constructs are not organized formally and do not have a single place of origin since creators of Constructs can be from anywhere in Oz. There are some small concentrated pockets of Constructs, such as factories or specialist military units, but for the most part Constructs are found with whoever made them.

There are also several small communities of both citizen Constructs. Many of these communities are exclusive to Constructs and offer asylum from persecution, but others have opened themselves to include the born as well.

Relations with Others

(written from the point of view of Turbo, Inorganic Tik-Tok Scrapper, Head Wrench Turner of the Cerulean Pottery Company)

  • Humans - My creator was a Human, so whether I like them or not, they are the reason I exist. I may work for them and they may treat me as a 'thing', but I will be around long after they are gone.
  • Mangaboo - Adorable, but mostly useless little things. Their lives are so short, it hardly seems worth taking time to develop a relationship.
  • Immortals - Immortals think that they are better than Humans, and Humans think that they are better than I am, so what does that make me?
  • Changelings - Unpredictable and prone to acts of violence. Best to keep an eye on them.
  • Nomes - Logical and calculating. I would prefer to have a Nome as an owner, or even as a friend.
  • Viewers - I've already had someone root around in my brain, they might even be able to give me some insight.


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