In the time most Ozians call 'prehistory', the time before Lurline, the land was almost indistinguishable from Earth. The land had little to no magic, and the only living things were animals and humans.

It was when Lurline flew over the land of Oz, enchanting it with magic and immortality, that things changed. The magic absorbed into the land, giving humans immortality, animals gained intelligence, and plants picked up their roots to move around and live as humans. In areas where great amounts of magic collected, creatures made purely from mana and nature were born.

It is a common misconception that all Immortals are related, or even the same species. In fact, these creatures of magic are very different, and often do not all agree with each other's ideals. For the first few hundred years, the Immortals warred over land, mana pools, ideals, and people. Because of their power, few non-Immortals got in their way to stop them.

When the Four Great Witches rose, many Immortals sided with one of them. The Immortal War seemed to have ended not with a decisive victory, but with reluctant fizzling. There were many theories on why, the most popular being that the land was suffering from the bloodshed and as much as many Immortals hated each other, they all held the land of Oz in high esteem and would not let it suffer.

After the Immortal War, many Immortals found peaceful places to reside. Some even created families, or found lands to rule over. 


Immortals vary as much as anything that can be found in nature. The First Generation Immortals are Immortals that are tied to the land of Oz. They gain their mana from the land and are often associated with a part of nature that they hold in high regard: rain, coal, ferns, etc. First Generation Immortals are born from pure mana in the land and appear where the magic pools, or collects. They can be anywhere from thousands of years old to less than a year old.

Second Generation Immortals came later, and though they often show a great reverence for the land, are not tied to it. Rather than being associated with a part of nature, they tend to embody an aspect: joy, death, song, etc. Second Generation Immortals are not necessarily weaker or more powerful than First Generation Immortals, nor are they necessarily younger or older.

Life Cycle

Immortals vary in age from those newly formed to those older than recorded time. They usually do not have parents in the traditional sense, but are 'born' in areas where their particular element or aspect is strong. The recent lifting of The Great Spell has added a new and difficult reality for the Immortals: death. An Immortal's death doesn't mean the death of the element or aspect that they represent, but the actual effects on the land are still unclear.


The Old Laws Which Bind Immortals

(Not known outside of Immortal communities)

  1. Respect The Land - The lands of Oz are the well from which immortals spring. All immortals are tied to this land, no matter their type or form.
  2. Respect The Purpose - Each immortal fills a role, a purpose. Some share their purpose with their kin and kind, others are unique, but each has a purpose.
  3. Respect Each Other - From the greatest Immortals who sprung for at the moment of creation to the smallest born from the imaginings of men, each deserves the respect of all.
  4. Respect The Home - A being's home is sacred and to be respected. Respect your host's hospitality, treating them as you would be treated in your own home.
  5. Respect The Parley - If there is disagreement between immortals, come together peaceably to discuss a resolution.


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