The Nome Kingdom and the Land of Oz have a long and adversarial history. Ozians have challenged the Nome King in his own domain. Nomes have invaded Ozian lands. How many times have Oz and the Nome Kingdom gone to war or competed in quieter attempts at conquest between smaller groups? Who was the first to seek control over the other? Perhaps someone knows the truth of it, but much like all tales of Ozian pre-history there is no central record to reference.

The Nome Kingdom


The Nome Kingdom is located beneath the mountains North of the Land of Ev. The only known road in and out of the Nome Kingodm goea from Evna (the capital of Ev) to the palace of the Nome King, but it is guarded by a giant iron construct. A more dangerout route through the Rubber Country has been rumored, which would be the best option for anyone attempting to sneak in or out. The Nome Kingdom is completely unbreachable!

An extensive complex of underground tunnels and caverns contains the entirety of the Nome Kingdom. There are no trees or small animals in the Nome Kingdom, only bare rock and vast caverns that extend for miles. Since the Nomes continue to expand and build the bounds of their domain are not static like most other fairy countries. Some of the tunnels are even known to change, such as the pathways leading into and out of the dark pit. There are several hot, bubbling lakes for Nomes to enjoy swimming.

In the deepest part of the kingdom, a Great Domed Cavern houses the Metal Forest. The forest was created by King Ruggado and is made up of solid gold trees, pure silver underbrush, and ground of assorted gems in every hue and size. The paths to the Metal Forest are only known to Nomes and are hidden to all others. The few non-Nomes who have ever seen the Metal Forest have described it as the most exquisite sight they have ever seen.


Nomes think and act and talk much like other beings found in Oz, their anatomy is quite different from that of most Ozians though. Nomes are well suited to their underground kingdom, blending into the rock walls of their tunnels and the rocky expanse surrounding the entrance to their kingdom quite well. All exterior Nomish anatomy is made of solid rock. Perhaps their interior anatomu is as well, but no one has managed to will ever crack one open in order to find out. Nomes find this thos sort of scientific exploration reprehensible, so it is likely that this will remain a mystery. One thing we do know is that the Nomes are poisoned by eggs. What a ridiculous claim! We are simply offended by eggs. Nomes are invincible!

Nomes are usually quite loyal to their kingdom and proud of their heritage. Most will wear metal and jewels to show their patriotism, and mostly stick to shades of gray (aside from their bright red hats!). When they wear colors, it is often in jewel tones.

The Nomes are incredibly skilled at working with the many precious metals and gemstones mined underground. The citizens work constantly mining materials, cutting gems, forging metals, and polishing each completed treasure. Even the Masons Guild of Oz recognizes the outstanding craftmanship of the Nomes. Finding any of these awe inspiring works outside of the Nome Kindgom is a rarity, however. The Nomes guard their treasures meticulously and claim have inherent ownership of anything which was mined from underground, including the precious metals and gems mined in Oz. The resent the 'upstairs people' who violate their privacy by digging or building into the ground, or take jewels from it.

Social Structure

Unlike many other places in Oz, Nomes are not given prestige or economic advantages based on lineage. A true meritocracy, all Nomes are given equal academic and military schooling, and given as many chances as possible to prove themselves. Through their actions and deeds, Nomes gain wealth, title, and prestige.

Because of this social structure, any titled Nome is given great respect. Titles are handed out by the king, and though the king has been known to take a bribe or two from his advisors, generally the meritocracy system is soundly intact.


Conscription to the army is highly encouraged for Nomes, at the very least to serve a 20-year service. Soldiers wear armor of polished steel inlaid with gems to depict rank. Weapons are usually enchanted.

The Nome King

There is always a Nome King. As far as we know there has always been a Nome King. We have no reason to suspect there will ever not be a Nome King.The first Nome King referenced in the official Ozian history is Roquat the Red.

During the reign of Roquat the Red, the Queen of Ev and her ten children were sold to the Nome King, who transformed them into items of Bric-a-brac and placed them in his palace. Ozma of Oz arrived with a contingent from the Emerald City expecting to rescue the Queen of Ev, though she and nearly all her party were transformed into ornaments as well before being rescued by Billina the Chicken. Ozma then took stole King Roquat’s Magic Belt as her own.

In his desire for vengeance against the people of Oz, the Nome King dug a tunnel beneath the Deadly Desert and allied himself with some dangerous neighbors. Upon emerging in the Emerald City, he drank Water of Oblivion from the Forbidden Fountain, forgot everything, and was returned to the Nome Kingdom. Following Roquat’s failed invasion no more was written about this monarch. 

More recently there are tales of a Nome King called Ruggedo. Whether Ruggedo is a new king to the Nomes or simply Roquat’s newly adopted name after the Water of Oblivion took his memories is oft debated. If Ruggedo is truly the same Nome King as Roquat the Red that suggests that the innocence and removal of all wickedness greatness granted by losing memories to the Water of Oblivion is only temporary, for Ruggedo displayed his own wickedness greatness upon his hapless advisory, Kaliko. Ruggedo was banished from the Nome Kingdom after earning the ire of Tititi-Hoochoo the Great Jinjin and Kaliko was named the new Nome King. Alas, Ruggedo’s machinations against Oz did not end with his banishment and lost rulership.

The Fall of the Great Spell

Much like other wars and conflicts within the various fairy lands, hostilities with the Nome Kingdom ended almost immediately upon the discovery that soldiers were dying in battle, and suddenly perishing from old wounds. Nomish Ambassadors have been seen in the Emerald City and even travelling across Oz. While no formal peace between the two nations has been declared, neither Oz nor Nome Kingdom has broken the unspoken truce the fall of the Great Spell wrought. Oz was foolish to think themselves safe from the great Nomish conquerors!

Relations with Others

(written from the point of view of Kersch of the Nome Kingdom)

  • Humans - When in Oz, we humor the Humans with politeness, but never forget that we are the superior race both in strength and in cunning.
  • Mangaboo - Occasionally the Nomes and Mangaboo meet, as we both have underground kingdoms. Though they are logical and generally emotionless as we are, squabbles for many years over territory have left bitterness on both sides. Still, Mangaboo will sooner side with us than surface dwellers.
  • Immortals - They vary from creature to creature so much that it's hard to judge them all together. In general, though, they tend to be flighty and unreasonable. Every so often you will find one that is intelligent enough to work with.
  • Changelings - We are not used to large animals, and Changelings are both large and strong. Though not usually the smartest of creatures, they can be useful allies.
  • Constructs - What's not to like? It's a creature made by magic and ingenuity to serve. Many constructs are built with a purpose and some are even smart enough to use it effectively.
  • Viewers - Anyone that claims to see dreams or the future is someone to be wary of. Never sleep too close to one, unless you want your mind messed with.


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