The Scarecrow's Army

The Scarecrow's Main Army

Led by The General, Omby Amby (NPC), and includes:

  • Emerald Major (NPC)
  • Quadling Major (NPC)
  • Munchkin Major (NPC)
  • Gillikin Major (NPC)
  • Winkie Major (NPC).

Under each major are the following ranks:

  • Field Captains (PC), responsible for directing a county's Commissars and recruiting new soldiers
  • Commissars (PC), responsible for directing soldiers and working with bureaucrats for supply needs
  • Soldiers (PC), responsible for defending Oz from local and foreign threats


The 101 Knights

The 101 Knights are the Scarecrow's personal guard (PC, but only ex-Knights would stray from the Emerald City).


More information

  • See Education for information on higher education in the Scarecrow's Army
  • See Faction-Specific Laws for more information about the laws the Scarecrow's Army follows and enforces


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