Education in Oz

Oz has as many education practices as communities. Some communities use public schooling, others private, and still others pass down knowledge from parent to child, elder to youngsters, and tutor to student. What is known completely is that there are five main Universities in Oz - one in each of the four countries, and one in the Emerald City. Aside from these, there are smaller colleges and even smaller schools, ranging from the boarding schools of the rich elite to the family learning in the rural areas.


Weathervane College

First suggested to the Scarecrow King by Dorothy Gale herself and brought into fruition by him only a few years later, this college was created for all those who seek and education and offer it free, but a diploma still costs something to achieve. Unlike other schools that charge tuition for degrees, Weathervane College requires something else from its students: a feat of great charity or sacrifice, bravery or loyalty. For some, this is joining a certain company of the Scarecrow Army. For others, it is serving the poor or providing for the hungry. In any event, the act must be witnessed by many, be for the greater good, and then judged based on its courage, intelligence, and heart in front of a council of headmasters and headmistresses. If the feat is found to be worthy, a diploma is awarded to the student. For this reason, many have been educated in this college but few boast a diploma.

Quadling Country

Kells Academy

The newest of the five major universities, Kells was created by Glinda herself to help to educate the often impoverished Quadlings. It is mostly a trade and industry school, with glass-blowing, weaving, cooking, textile production, tailoring, and a multitude of other crafts. There is also a program dedicated to light witchcraft - dark witchcraft has been banned on the campus in honor of Glinda herself. Located a few miles outside the Ruby City, the campus is a beautiful oasis in the normally rough terrain of the South. Some of the most divine artisans come from this academy, or are sent there to hone their craft.

The Vinkus / Winkie Country

Kuttentrussal School

Founded by Professor Nowitall, this small school is far out in the Winkie country, in the NorthWest, near Ugabu/Oogaboo. It currently serves as a school of general study, but excels at invention and alchemical studies. Its distance from civilization makes it difficult to reach, but also unbridled in its experimentation and advancement. This distance also makes it the most mysterious and least regulated of the universities of Oz. Many boons and busts have occurred in its stone halls, and many experiments of questionable nature have occurred. Those who have graduated all share a touch of genius, and perhaps a touch of eccentricity.


Shiz University

The oldest and grandest university in Oz, when Shiz was created it was just one school. It has since grown to four, each with their own specialty. Though recently more of the universities in Oz have become co-ed, Shiz still has several gender-segregated dormitories. Its campus resides in the middle of Gilikin, at the northernmost exit of the yellow brick road. This school has a bright and glittering as well as dark and dismal past, as all old things do. Within its campus are four colleges:

Ozma Towers

The all-male school of Policy and Economics. One of the most prestigious academies for any merchant, politician, or socialite. Quite serious in both appearance and requirement for admission, this college also has the highest grade requirements on campus. Also the highest dropout rate.

Three Queens

An all-male dorm with a more loose reputation. Typically held as a college for artists, writers, dramatists, and actors, this college has a reputation of being wild and irreverent. Often filled with the most diverse people, Three Queens is notorious for producing skilled artisans and deeply feeling people. It also happens to be the most lenient with accepting those outside of Oz and was the first college in the land to accept Nomes.

Briscoe Hall

The only co-educational college, It is focused on biological and chemical studies and has a long history of agricultural sciences. It has become one of the most sought-after colleges in Oz since the breaking of the Great Spell, and many Stormriders have been asked in to teach new lessons in planning for future seasons and harvests. Traditionally, this college has the most Munchkins on campus, as they are from the corn-basket of Oz. It houses the greatest library on campus, in size and range of books. Many students stay in the dorms over long breaks.

Crage Hall

As the solitary all-female dorm on campus, the Hall has helped to shape some of the most powerful women of Oz. Though it is still fashionable for higher up ladies of society to have private tutors, many of the elite classes are educated here. It is no longer as popular as it once was for women to attend simply to find a rich and intelligent husband, so there have been more opportunities for less affluent women to attend. Thus, the number of female students has increased to the point of the hall being extended four times in the last twenty years. It offers multiple scholarships to promising young students in the whole of Oz and beyond.

Emerald City


A university almost as old as Shiz (but missing by a good 30 years), it was created to educate the elite of the Emerald City. Inside the green walls, there is as much a melting pot of social classes and races as all of Oz. The school has the largest curriculum in Oz - encompassing all major and minor fields of study. All of its dorms are now co-ed and attempt to make every facet of student life as metropolitan as the city around them. To enter, one must receive an invitation from the headmistress herself, Lady Aggadora D. Pattentpage. Nearly 1,000 are distributed throughout Oz per year. Like its sister school, Shiz University, it has four colleges:

Poseymim Towers

School of fashion, art, design, textiles, and everything visual. Those who graduate from Poseymim often become owners of vast salons or climb society by setting trends and modes. The college shares its name with the illustrious Lady Poseymim, who wrote the very first book on proper social usage and manners in the courts of Ozma. It also shares its name with the nosegay that Ozians wore around that time to keep unfortunate smells from their nostrils.

Cranklebrack Academy

The seat of scientific advancement in economics, engineering, and everyday life. It was the leading school to start a medicine program after Ozians began dying from disease and hunger. Cranklebrack was traditionally a school of industry, but soon became obsolete as more and more industrious students decided to attend the neighboring college that specializes in the magic arts. There is a yearly science competition with the Kuttentrussal School, along with a bitter rivalry to match.

Mugrood Hall

The premier academy for all magical arts and practices. As well as being the smallest college on campus, Mugrood also has the tightest curriculum and does not allow self-study, due to the nature of its course materials. It is one of the main places responsible for the great resurgence of Lurlineism in the Emerald City. It has led some to believe that there are darker things happening in its dorms.

Other Schools

College of Art and Athletic Perfection

Located in western Munchkinland, this college is headed by the Professor H. M. Woggle-Bug, T. E. Though a student of the illustrious Professor Nowitall from the Winkie Country, the Woggle-Bug runs his school in a way unlike any other school in Oz. Students don't attend class so much as take knowledge pills for learning lessons. Most of the students' time is taken up with extreme physical activities and sports competitions, promoting healthy strong bodies. Professor Woggle-Bug has also served as a lawyer, but does not apply that to his school's curriculum. There is special allowance for Stormriders to attend this school, as Professor Woggle-Bug himself is quite fond of Earth. Though in Munchkinland, many of the students after graduation find placement in Ozma's courts and forces.

Military Academies

Most militaries have their own military academy in the land of Oz. The Scarecrow's Army has its headquarters in the Emerald City, where its military academy serves as the fourth college of Ozford. Sharing campuses, eating halls, and sometimes classes, those lucky enough to enter into the military academy get a first rate education with all the amenities and normalcies of university life, but with less free time. Originally, the school was a military academy for the Gillikins, then for the guards of the Wizard, and now serves the current king.

Similarly, Azkadelia's Forces have their own tightly controlled academy. Located close to her castle in Winkie Country, the school is impenetrable unless you have been accepted. The regular period of study there is twice the normal amount in Oz: a full 8 years. Students sent there rarely see their families until decades have passed. There are a number of positions that people are trained for in the school, but little is known about what happens behind its tall doors.

Ozma's Army, unlike the others, do not have a specific military academy, but a multitude of scattered military camps that train and provide basic education for its soldiers. It is expected that those who make the higher posts have already been educated befitting their station in life, and therefore are not in need of a military academy. In this way, maybe of the military camps offer a great variance of educations, specialties, and necessities from its soldiers.

There is a separate academy for the Tin Men, but no one mentions exactly where it is or what happens there. Only Tin Men know and only they need to know. Just be certain it exists.

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