Religions of Oz




Two things are certain in this world: good and evil. Amitists believe that their purpose is to promote the cause of good and protection. Life is scared and everything should be done to preserve it.

The fairies at the core of this faith are:

  • Ozma the First (law)
  • Flash (protection)
  • Twighlight (justice)


Amity is considered a old, structured faith followed mostly by Ozma's followers. It is the most predominant religion in Oz. Elaborate temples to Amity freckle the countryside and cities. Prefered offerings include money, weapons, and extensive prayer. The symbol for Amisitm is a shield with feathered wings.

Aminists almost never see eye-to-eye with Lurlinists, who they consider too sympathetic.

The Summer Festival

Every year the start of summer is marked by the Summer Festival. On this day, towns host parades, hat making contests, pie baking contests and countless contests of physical prowess. Some people practice for months ahead of time and travel from town to town to try and win prizes and glory for their family or hometown.

Sentinels of the Sand

Twighlight the Fairy was the creator of the Deadly Desert, the killing lands surrounding Oz. This desert protects Oz from all of those who would try to enter, but also keeps the citizens in and safe. While some might consider death an unacceptable punishment, this viewpoint resonates with others.

The Sentinels of the Sand follow the mindset that judgement must be passed and punishment delivered. The Land of Oz grants them the powers through prayer to decide who is worthy.




Everything has its place and should be honored for its contribution. Birth and destruction are all part of a greater cycle, and all things play a part. Magic and life are closely interwoven. There are multiple sides to any story and it is important not to discount something or take it at face value simply because it has been given a label.

The fairies at the core of this faith are:

  • Lurline (creation)
  • Zurline (life/blood)
  • The Sleeping One (death)


Lurlineism is considered an old, pagan faith followed mostly by dark magic users. Devout followers of Lurlineism are suspected to be dark magic users. Places of worship are rare, and usually outdoors near a node of magic. Offerings of food, magic, or blood are appropriate gifts to her. The symbol for Lurlinism is a tree of life.

Currently, it is a fad in the Emerald City to call oneself a Lurlineist, whatever the person's actual level of worship. Many immortals and old witches are Lurlineists.

Lurlinists almost never see eye-to-eye with Aminists, who they consider closed-minded.


Every winter the holiday of Lurlinemas comes around to celebrate the creation of the Land of Oz. Even non-followers celebrate Lurlinemas or at least pay lip service to most of the holiday's traditions.

For a week beforehand, a person gives up a vice of their choosing (alcohol, shopping, travel, fairy dunking, etc.). The fast is considered to be a gesture of thanks to Lurline and other blessings. 
The fast ends at sundown on Lurlinemas Eve, when families and communities come together to tell stories (true or not), hang socks (or stockings for Storm Riders), drink wine, and play games. Before bed, people will leave out a shoe with an offering to the Krampus. If the Krampus decides to take your offering, it is considered good luck and a blessing for the coming year. Every so often, the Krampus leaves a token in exchange for the offering.

If children have been particularly naughty, the Krampus will snatch them up and throw them in his sack. They are taken to his castle to work out their childhoods as his slaves.

On Lurlinemas Day, gifts are exchanged and treats are eaten. The day is filled with giving thanks, celebrating life and magic, and wishing your children hadn't been taken away.




Religion gets in the way of science and progression. Even if life was made by the Great Fairy Lurline, everything that came after that was all made by people's hard work and dedication to knowledge. We have people to thank for all that we have.


Tik-tokism is not a religion, but an organized way of thinking. There is no higher power or being to give thanks to, and no ceremony to observe, but rather similarly minded people will get together leisurely and talk about science and progression. While they acknowledge the creation of Oz by the fairies, they also like to point out that the fairies have since abandoned them. The symbol for Tik-tokism is a ten-pronged gear.




Sometimes called the "goody-two-boots" religion, their missionaries can be found knocking on doors all over Oz at all hours.

The struggle between good and evil lies within everyone and everything. It is one's own personal responsibility to guide themselves to do the right thing. Chivalry, honor, and discipline mark the members of this very young faith.

The Unnamed God rules over all and watches all. Blessed are those who devote their lives to praising his name. He will provide for those in his keeping in this world and what lies beyond it.


A reletively new religion, Unionism depicts the original fairies as Saints that served The Unnamed God who created them. Dorothy was considered the most recent Saint, as she performed at least 3 miracles. Most large cities have Unionist cathedrals and missionaries travel the Lands of Oz to spread the good word. The symbol for Unionism is a circle divided once horizontaly and once vertically.

The 3 Duties:
  • Duty to Countrymen: virtues such as mercy, courage, valor, fairness, protection of the weak and the poor, and in the servant-hood of the knight to his lord. This also brings with it the idea of being willing to give one's life for another's; whether he would be giving his life for a poor man or his lord.
  • Duty to The Unnamed God: this would contain being faithful to him, protecting the innocent, being faithful to the church, being the champion of good against evil, being generous and obeying him above the feudal lord.
  • Duty to Yourself: You are responsible for your health, be it physical, mental, or spiritual. While children must be guided, adults must spend as much time as needed keeping themselves of sound body and mind. For some, this takes more time than others; only the Unnamed God can decide if you are worthy of his love.

Sunday Worship

The only Ozian religion with structured services, Sundays are devoted to The Unnamed God. After visiting the local cathedral to praise his name, it is encouraged to get together with other like-minded people. Good Unionists get together to argue scripture of the Unnamed God. This used to get really heated and often involved duels, but now that those are significantly more serious than before, they have switched to tea.

The Order of the Windmills

A knightly order among Unionists, these warriors travel the lands in search of miracles, holy relics, or spiritual enlightenment. They have a very strict code of ethics given to them by their teachers, and are unique to each knight. The challenges given to them are chosen as what the knight must strive for to reach the ultimate goal of Sainthood. They generally have calm demeanors, but are trained to be fearsome warriors when provoked.



(Viewers only)


Wayfarers believe that they are reincarnated from ancestors and that their memories are available to those who are willing to listen. The mind is an ocean of thoughts, worries, and memories. When a viewer is truely open to their dreams, an ancestor will visit them in their minds and give them a personal quest.


Wayfarers are happy to share their dreams, visions, and memories to those who care to listen. They find peace in interpreting dreams for others. They are staunch pacifists. Their symbol is a snake eating its tail.

There has been a long animosity and distrust of Immortals due to an ancient war between Immortals in which many of the first viewers were accidentally killed when caught in the crossfire. The shadows of the memories are passed on to help Wayfarers remember.

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