Azkadellia's Army

The 101 Ritters

The 101 Ritters are Azkadellia's personal guard (PC, but current Ritters would not likely stray from Azkadellia).

Note for followers of Azkadellia: It is a well-kept secret that Ritters may go on special missions to other countries at Azkadellia's bidding.


The Ministry of Domestic Security

The holding agency for Azkadellia's budget, and includes a network of specialized bureaucrats who keep track of taxes and spending over all the Oz countries. It isn't mentioned much, even among Azkadellia's folk - everyone knows that those who ask questions tend to disappear in the night. It is led by the Minister of Domestic Security (NPC).

Those among Azkadellia's most trusted know that it is also a front for her Assassin's Guild. From a PC perspective, only those inside this organization would know of its true purpose. Also, as far as anyone knows, no one retires from this group without some assurance of silence. (Azkadellia uses magic that messes with the memory, often with lasting and strange effects. These days, it's also effective to kill people.)

The Assassin's Guild Ministry of Domestic Security includes:

  • Specialized Tax/Budget Bureaucrats (PC, but almost exclusively stationed in Winkieland), Azkadellia-only knowledge: They arrange logistical support and money for the assassins.
  • Agent in Charge of Winkieland (NPC)
  • Agent in Charge of Munchkinland (NPC)
  • Agent in Charge of Gillikin Country (NPC)
  • Agent in Charge of Quadling Country (NPC)
  • Emerald Agent (NPC)
  • Agent in Charge of Counter-Espionage (NPC)
  • Agents (PC), networked and placed within various territories, and directed to carry out Azkadellia's agenda


The Emerald Civil Authority

  • The Emerald Marshall (NPC)
  • The Emerald Patrolmen (PC) - No one knows precicely how many patrolmen are in the Emerald City, but their duties are to enforce law and keep the peace.


The Civil Authority

Led by The Warlord, Deuschainne Dupree, the Civil Authority is responsible for law enforcement and keeping the civil peace, and includes:

  • The Tin Men of Winkieland (NPC)
  • The Tin Men of Gillikin Country (NPC)
  • The Tin Men of Munchkinland (NPC)
  • The Tin Men of Quadling Country (NPC)

They also have:

  • Head Marshalls (PC) of each county, who report to their Tin Men, and keep the peace within the county. Azkadellia will sometimes flex her muscles and hand something down to be enforced.
  • Marshalls (PC) of each town, who report to the Head Marshall of their county. Mostly they are relatively autonomous, and are responsible for law enforcement and directing/hiring Patrolmen. Occasionally, they'll get Azkadellia's orderes handed down throught he Head Marshalls.
  • Patrolmen(PC) who report to the Marshalls and are responsible for following their Marshall's orders without question. They are expected to be completely loyal and obedient to their Marshall.


More information

  • See Education for information on higher education in Azkadellia's forces
  • See Faction-Specific Laws in the society section for details on the laws Azkadellia's army follows and enforces


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