Winkie Country

Winkie Country (also called The Land of the Winkies, or The Vinkus) is inhabited by the Winkies, humans of mostly average height. Many proudly wear yellow, their country's color. The country is mostly grassland and plains, with farming done near the many rivers. They are notably the land's leaders in tin production. It has a high population. The land used to be ruled by the Tin Woodsman (Nick Chopper, originally a Munchkin) until he was deposed by Azkadellia back in the day.

The land is mostly agrarian settlements under direct control of Azkadellia, as they were during the old witch days (and more benignly under Nick Chopper), and vast plains occupied by itinerant pastoralists with tribal hierarchies, fiercely independent but also fiercely loyal to Azkadellia, with a significant portion of the Tin Men drawn from their ranks (functioning like the Cossacks under the late-era Czarist regime).

Notable Winkies

  • Nick Chopper - Also known as the Tin Woodsman. He is originally a munchkin, but ruled over Winkie Country as the Emperor for many years. He has historically supported Ozma with great zeal, but is currently acting as an advisor to Azkadellia.
  • Jack Pumpkinhead - Made from magic, a helpful source of information and friend to the Scarecrow.
  • Stick-in-the-Muds - A muddy people who use long stilts.
  • Quilties - A group of humans whose job it is to make all of the quilts for the Emerald City.

Notable Winkie Locations

  • The Black Forest - In the south, home to Gloma, the Good Witch.
  • Wicked Witch of the West's Castle - Where Dorothy melted the witch and freed the people. It was originally the palace of Nick Chopper, but he found it 'too damp' and so moved to the Tin Palace.
  • The Tin Palace - Where the king, Nick Chopper, lives.
  • The Scarecrow's Mansion - Designed by Jack Pumpkinhead, the mansion is five stories tall and resembles an ear of corn.
  • Truth Pond - The waters free the bather of enchantment, but the next three things they say must be the truth.
  • Merry Go Mountains - A trio of mountains that twirl in the air.
  • The Tottenhots - A nocturnal group of sprites.
  • Oogaboo - The smallest and poorest kingdom in Oz, hidden in a valley.
  • Thi - A wild kingdom filled with Thistles. The humanoids living there have gold stomachs and throats, to allow them to eat thistles around the city. They use mechanical dragons as workers.
  • Herku - A city ruled by a giant named Vig, a dictator. The city is made with burnished copper and the residents use a drug called Zosozo that makes them skeletally thin and immensely strong, which helps them keep a breed of giants as their slaves.
  • Bear Center - A forest where stuffed bears live, ruled by the Leavender Bear.
  • Marsh Land - A very muddy area home to the Stick-in-the-Muds.
  • The Trick River - The Trick River starts in the mountains of the Hoppers and Horners and flows through Winkie Country until it reaches a wall of water near the Tin Woodsman's castle. Most of the banks are very steep, making it hard to climb out of the river once you are on or in it. The river boasts unusually large fish.  The river was given its name because of the tricks it plays on travelers. Every once in awhile, without a way to predict it, it will change direction. Unlucky travelers have been stuck on the river for months before getting out.


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