United Oz Coalition

The Trifecta

The highest station of rulership in the Land of Oz is currently shared by the three members of the United Oz Coalition, commonly called "The Trifecta." Each of the three rulers has the authority to dictate laws and regulations for the Land of Oz, but most of their power and ability to enfore their edicts comes from utilizing the Ruling Guilds under their patronage. Ruling from the Emerald City, the Trifecta maintain a careful balance of power, a balance undergoing regular renegotiation and compromise as their respective influence shifts. Citizens and visitors to the Emerald City gossip at length about which Trifecta members, Guild Families, and personal forces (Chevaliers, Knights, and Ritters) are seen together publicly. Some even dare to whisper about what happens behind closed doors.

Queen Ozma the Unifier

Heir of Lurline

Queen Ozma is a descendant of King Pastoria and the Great Fairy Lurline, a heritage which many Ozians believe makes her the rightful ruler of all of Oz. Some Ozians even believe her lineage to be the oft reborn spirit of Ozma the First, daughter of Lurline herself. For hundreds of years, each Ozma has had her own daughter Ozma as heir. Each earns a title during their time on the throne. The current Ozma is new to the throne, recently taking the place of Ozma the Peacemaker. This Ozma made herself known quickly as Ozma the Unifier by reversing her predecessor’s ban on the use of magic and reinstating the Artificers Guild almost immediately upon taking office. In addition to the Artificers, Ozma controls the Bit-Lenders, Mercantile, and Hospitality Emerald Guilds. She also recently acquired the Ripper’s Guild as her sole Labor Guild.

King Scarecrow

Working Class Hero

King Scarecrow is a true champion of the people. He started out life as a brainless construct protecting a small cornfield in Munchkinland and is now unquestionably the cleverest ruler Oz has ever seen. After his adventures with Dorothy Gale, including the defeat of the infamous Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba, he was named King of Oz. The Wizard of Oz had only ever truly ruled the Emerald City, but, with the Wicked Witches of both East and West defeated, all of Oz was reunited under King Scarecrow’s rulership in the absence of the Wizard and Dorothy. He has been the patron of many Labor Guilds, both ruling and minor, and espouses the value of a hard day’s work. He is the current patron of the Grubbers, Mephetics, and Tinkers Labor Guilds. His only Emerald Ruling Guild is the Ivory Tower which was a minor guild until quite recently. Over the years he has used this guild to support the various colleges around Oz and to institute smaller centers of learning. While the colleges attract the academic elite, education is available to any Ozian who seeks out an Ivory Tower learning center.


Once Conqueror of Oz

Little is known about the rise of Azkadellia. There is no question that she is powerful, efficient, and that she has always commanded unquestioning loyalty from those who follow her. The strength of her armies were so great that Ozma and Scarecrow were forced to join forces to stand against her. She is the only Trifecta member without her own current army, having been granted the Civil Authority in exchange  for disbanding her armed forces during the original treaty signed by the United Oz Coalition. Currently she controls the Masons, Drudgers, and Bureaucrats Guilds. She is the only Trifecta member who controls none of the Ruling Guilds which were originally sponsored by herself. Some whisper that her true power lies within guilds not listed in public registries.


Year of Oz 15 - Scarecrow was only two days old when Dorothy Gale helped him down from his wooden pole. Following his adventure with Dorothy, and after receiving his exceptional brains from the Wizard of Oz, he was named King of Oz within his first month of life. The existing Artificer and Mercenaries Ruling Guilds became extensions of his influence, along with the various existing minor guilds to a lesser degree.

YoO 15-25 - During King Scarecrow's unopposed reign he focused heavily upon rebuilding Munchkinland and Winkieland, helping residents recover from the harsh rulership of the Wicked Witches. The Cowardly Lion and Nick Chopper each led major projects in King Scarecrow's name. The Grubbers, Tinkers, Masons, and Drudgers Guilds were created or raised to Ruling Guild status under their patronage. Scarecrow personally sponsored both the Ivory Tower and Law Ward minor guilds, and instituted Scarecrow's Army.

YoO 26 - Ozma the Conqueror took back the throne of her ancestors with the support of General Jinjur. She named Scarecrow as the Ruler of Munchkinland, Nick Chopper the ruler of Winkieland, and kept both on her counsel. This was known as "Dorothy's Triat" by many of the common folk. Ozma banned use of magic by any aside from the Good Witches, herself, and the Wizard; the Artificer's Guild was disbanded.

YoO 26 - 94 - The land of Oz experienced a time of peace. With the support of Scarecrow and Nick Chopper, Queen Ozma elevates the Bureaucrats and Hospitality Guilds to Ruling Guild status. Dorothy Gale, often seen in Queen Ozma's company, founded the Mercantile Guild. Ozma's Army becomes a War Guild, followed shortly by the Civil Authority founded by retired General Omby Amby.

YoO 96 - Azkadellia deposes Nick Chopper and takes control of Winkieland. Officially Nick Chopper is banished from Winkieland, but some Ozians believe he is held as Azkadellia's captive. Azkadellia's initial forces include the Mercenary Guild and the minor Mephetics Guild whom Azkadellia promises to raise to Ruling Guild status.

YoO 99 - Ozma and the combined forces of Ozma's Army and the Civil Authority are able to hold Azkadellia off at the border of the Emerald City, but the borders of Quadling and Gillikin are overcome.

YoO 100 - Scarecrow brings his army to the Emerald City. Ozma names Scarecrow King Reagent in this time of war.

YoO 101 - Scarecrow leads a successful push to retake control  of the Quadling and Gillikin lands at the border of Winkieland.

YoO 101-141 - Oz is ravaged by the longest war in recorded Ozian history. The tenuous alliance between King Reagent Scarecrow and Queen Ozma appears to hold out for most of the war, but rumors abound that Azkadellia's clever use of the secretive Snoopers Guild leads to an internal power struggle within the Emerald City.

YoO 142 - The Great Spell falls and death comes to the land of Oz. Seeing heavy losses from previously survivable injuries and accidents long past, and the horror of a battlefield without the Great Spell, King Scarecrow and Queen Ozma the Peacemaker negotiate a peace with Azkadellia and the United Oz Coalition is formed. Ruling and Minor Guilds alike are traded between the three rulers in an attempt to balance power between the three.

YoO 143 - Azkadellia creates the Rippers Guild, the first Ruling Guild with primarily Storm Rider membership. While some Ozians found the medical practices of this guild barbaric, there was no questioning their familiarity with halring death.

YoO 144 - Queen Ozma the Peacemaker disappears from public view. Some whisper that Scarecrow and Azkadellia partnered against her to gain full control of Oz in the everything other than name, while others beleive the death of Dorothy Gale was too much for her to bear.

YoO 147 - Ozma and Peacemaker returns to the Emerald City, bringing with her the wrath of her Rpyal Society of Witch Hunters who begin hunting down Wicked Witches and bringing them  to Ozma for public trial in the Emerald City.

YoO 149 - Ozma the Unifier ascends to the throne, and almost immediately fully legalizes both light and dark magic, reforms the Artificers Guild in her name,, and re-negotiates power and guild ownership among the Trifecta.

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