A Timeline of Events


In these times there was no calendar kept. The time that passed was considered to be tens or hundreds of years. Each incident, while formidable, is a footnote of Oz's history by now.

In the beginning Lurline and her court of Fairies flew over the lands of Oz and enchanted them with Immortal life. Her band moved on, and left behind one: Ozma the First. This one eventually bred into the line of the first Royal Family of Oz. Lurline's direct bloodline creates the Artificers Guild as a way to assist with the training of those who possess magical talent.

King Pastoria is the recognized Ruler of Oz. He was the most notable ruler who did not take the name Oz, or a derivative of it, as his ruling name.

King Pastoria and his Royal Line is deposed by Mombi, the Wicked Witch of the North. By the end of that same year, The Wicked Witches of the North, East, South and West have taken over their respective lands. King Pastoria's daughter, Ozma, is kept in what will later become the Emerald City as a hostage.

Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, and Tattypoo, the Good Witch of the North, overcome their Evil Witch counterparts in those territories. The Wicked Witch of the East and West are considered too powerful and continue their atrocities within their lands.


Official Ozian History


Year of Oz 1

The Wizard appears in Oz. He takes territory in the center of Oz by finding the hostage Ozma and holding her as his own hostage before giving  her to Mombi, the Wicked Witch of the North and thereby placating the Wicked Witches. Solidifying his position as the preeminent Ruler of Oz. He has his people build the Emerald City, named for the beautiful green lands of the middle of the Land of Oz. The outlying lands were left to be ruled by the Witches.

Year of Oz 3

The Wizard realizes that magic is real and becomes a recluse, hiding within his own Castle in the Emerald City.

Mombi establishes the Snoopers Guild

Year of Oz 15

Dorothy Gale appears in Oz for the first time, crash landing on Nesarose, the Wicked Witch of the East, and killing her, liberating the Munchkin People.

The Wizard gives Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow and Nick Chopper their mission to depose the Wicked Witch of the West. They succeed and liberate Winkie Country.

The Wizard and Dorothy both leave Oz, leaving the Scarecrow as King.

Year of Oz 16

The Cowardly Lion defeats the giant spider of the Great Forest in Quadling Country, thus becoming the King of the beasts there.

Glinda the Good sends Emperor Nick Chopper to Winkie Country to rule over the Winkies.

Scarecrow’s Army is officially established.

Year of Oz 20

Emperor Nick Chopper officially establishes the Tinkers Guild and raises the Masons Guild to Ruling Guild status.

King Scarecrow establishes the Grubbers Guild.

The Cowardly Lion establishes the Drudgers Guild.

Year of Oz 25

General Jinjur's Revolt and occupation of the Emerald City.

Year of Oz 26

Queen Ozma the Conqueror takes her rightful throne and names Jinjur the General of her own newly established Ozma’s Army. Scarecrow remains as her personal friend and ally.

Year of Oz 30

Dorothy Gale returns by way of the Kingdom of Ev and is captured the niece of the missing King and Queen, Princess Langwidere’s.

Ozma, Scarecrow, Nick Chopper, Cowardly Lion, and an army of 26 officers with one private cross the Deadly Desert to liberate her, then go to the Nome Kingdom to free the rightful royal family of Ev. Ozma confiscates the Magic Belt the Nome King used to imprison Ev’s royal family and takes it as her own. The one private, Omby Amby, serves so well he is named as Scarecrow’s General.

Year of Oz 31

Ozma the Conqueror disbands the Artificers Guild and outlaws magic aside from a select few practitioners in her inner circle including the Good Witches of both North and South and the Wizard of Oz.

Year of Oz 36

Ozma the Conqueror raises the Bureaucrats Guild and Hospitality Guild to Ruling Guild status.

Year of Oz 40

Omby Amby retires from Scarecrow’s Army and establishes the Civil Authority.

Year of Oz 41

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz return to Oz by way of falling into the Vegetable Kingdom during an earthquake. They are blamed for raining stones upon the glass houses of the Mangaboo and sentenced to death in the Twining Vines, but are able to escape.

The Wizard is invited to remain in the Emerald City permanently as the Official Wizard of Oz.

Year of Oz 42

Dorothy becomes lost and wanders back into Fairy Lands. Johnny Dooit builds a sand-boat that allows her to cross the Deadly Desert.

Year of Oz 46

Dorothy, her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, and Toto are brought to the land of Oz by Ozma with the Magic Belt. They are invited to stay in Oz as citizens.

Year of Oz 47

The Nomes invade Oz but are defeated by King Scarecrow’s clever plan.

Year of Oz 48

Dorothy establishes the Mercantile Guild.

Year of Oz 95

Azkadellia rises to power within the West. With her dark magics she retakes Winkie Country as the new Wicked Witch of the West, deposing Emperor Nck Chooper, and begins to prepare to march on Oz to usurp the throne.

Year of Oz 96

Nick Chopper, who had been leading a resistance against Azkadellia, goes missing.

Year of Oz 97

Azkadellia covertly assists in the establishment of the Mephetics Guild, while publicly taking control of the Mercenaries Guild.

Year of Oz 99

Ozma is able to hold Azkadellia off at the border of the Emerald City, but the borders of Quadling and Gillikin are overcome.

Year of Oz 100

The Scarecrow, seeing the trouble brewing to the West with Azkadellia, rallies his army in the Emerald City. Ozma names Scarecrow King Reagent during the time of war. He removes the ban of use of Magic, so long as it is licensed and in the name of protecting Oz.

Year of Oz 102

Scarecrow leads a push to retake control of the Quadling and Gillikin lands at the border of Winkieland.

Year of Oz 142

Money is introduced to Oz. The Bit-Lenders are officially established.

Year of Oz 142

The Breaking of the "Great Spell". Mortality is returned to the lands.

Almost immediately the three great powers, Scarecrow, Azkadellia, and Ozma, created the United Oz Coalition. Azkadellia is given domain over the Civil Authority and Bureaucrats Guild in return for disbanding the Snoopers and Mercenary Guilds.

Azkadellia establishes the Riggers Guild.

Year of Oz 145

The year that began our story in Horizon's Stronghold.  (Modern-day OOG: 2013)

Oz experiences its first Winter.

Year of Oz 149

The Artificers Guild is reformed by Ozma the Unifier.

Scarecrow elevates the Ivory Tower to Ruling Guild status under his purview.

Year of Oz 151

Slavery is outlawed in Oz.

Changelings become equal citizens to all other Ozians and the Domesticity process is abolished.

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