Quadling Country

Quadling Country is inhabited by the Quadlings, humans of mostly average height. Many proudly wear red, their country's color. The country is mostly marshlands and jungle, and inhabited by a more rural culture. It is well-known for its rubies which can be picked right off of the ground in some areas. The people are known to be overly friendly and comfortable with physical affection.

Quadling Country is the most highly balkanized country with many independent conclaves that largely ignore higher authority; most of the human settlements are clustered in the south near Glinda's estates; Glinda functions (and has for centuries) as the absolute monarch of the country, with a powerful cult of personality.

Notable Quadlings

  • Miss Cuttenclip - A little girl who uses magical scissors to cut paper and bring it to life.
  • The Horners - A race of immortals who look human, save for a horn on their heads.

Notable Quadling Locations

  • Glinda's Palace - Though Glinda the Good is a Gillikin, she loves the Quadlings and has built her palace to live among them.
  • Unnamed Forest - A forest ruled by the Cowardly Lion.
  • The Forest of the Fighting Trees - A forest whose northern row of trees have the power to use their branches as weapons and projectiles.
  • Bunbury - A land where all the inhabitants are baked goods. They harvest and supply the rest of Oz with doughnuts and sweet buns.
  • Bunnybury - A land where rabbits walk on their hind legs and wear clothes. Created by Glinda the Good.
  • Flutterbudget Center - Another defensive settlement in Oz, used as a haven for those fleeing war.
  • The Baron Lands - A section of valleys ruled by Barons who refuse control from Glinda or Ozma.
  • Utensia - Utensia is located in a small clearing in a large wood of Quadling Country. Scattered around the clearing are a good many cookstoves, ranges, and grills of all sizes and shapes. There are also several kitchen cabinets and cupboards, and a few kitchen tables. These are covered with all manner of frying pans, sauce pans, kettles, forks, knives, basting and soup spoons, nutmeg graters, sifters, colanders, meat saws, flat irons, rolling pins, and many other varieties of utensils and cutlery. Most of the Utensils in Utensia are alive and are referred to as Utensians.

    The kingdom is protected by the Spoon Brigade, led by Captain Dipp, and ruled by King Kleaver and Prince Karver with the help of their advisors, Judge Sifter and High Priest Colander. Other prominent citizens include Mr. Paprica, Mr. Popp, and Sir Jabber.
  • Rigmarole Town - In the heart of Quadling Country lies a valley which houses Rigmarole Town, one of the official Defensive Settlements of Oz. The town has many roads leading to it, but is far from any other settlements. The houses have large domed roofs, which traditionally is only used in Munchkinland, and long, wide windows. Most houses boast balconies over the front doors, or large patios adjoining the houses, for the scenery in the valley is quite picturesque and most Rigmaroles prefer to spend time outside talking to friends.

    Rigmaroles are infamous for their long, deliberate speeches. They are lovers of language, and their motto is, 'why use one word when there are so many lovely ones being left out?' Many aspiring authors, educators, and politicians come to Rigmarole to learn the skills of using language more colorfully. Most Storm Riders find the excessive use of talk to be torture.

    What very few know, however, is that Rigmarole does have a small underground ring of torture specialists for hire through the right channels. For getting information or just to make someone suffer, prisoners are sometimes secretly transported to the town and 'specialists' can be found for the right price. Some of the most bizarre, creative, and horrific tortures have been created there.
  • Dainty China Country - Deep and hidden within The Enchanted Forest of Quadling Country is a very tall wall of porcelain surrounding The China Country. Very few outsiders know about the city, and it is rarely visited by outsiders. This is likely for the best, due to its delicacy. Everything inside the city is made from China and porcelain. The beings who live there are all China Constructs, but refer to each other as 'Porcelains'.

    Glinda the Good cast a special weather spell over the sky above the city to prevent any rain or snow falling into it, for worry of damaging the people and buildings. The streets are smooth as a platter, and the buildings and houses are brightly painted. The people are rumored to only be as large as a child's doll, but the occasional traveler who's seen the place tells stories of regular sized 'Porcelains' as well.

    Porcelains are very delicate, and once they are cracked, they cannot be mended completely. The people are very vain and place high worth on those who have the fewest cracks and are therefore 'more attractive'.

    Before the arrival of the Wizard (Oz Year 1) China Country was razed at The Wicked Witch of the West's command by Mobats (flying monkeys). Most of the town was destroyed, but the Wizard and Glinda helped to repair the City as best they could. Most Porcelains still harbor bad feelings toward Mobats and witches because of this atrocity.


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