Munchkin Country (The land of the Munchkins, or Munchkinland) is inhabited by Munchkins, humans of mostly average height. Munchkins are a proud people who often show pride by wearing blue, their country's color. The Eastern part of the country is rich, fertile farmland, and the Western part is wild, dangerous forest.

In Munchkinland, counties elect representatives to ruling council. They are known as the most Democratic Country in Oz, though many find the system inefficient.

Notable Munchkins:

  • Boq - A wealthy munchkin whom Dorothy visits for a party.
  • Nick Chopper - The Tin Woodsman
  • The Wicked Witch of the East - Former ruler of the Munchkins, killed by Dorothy's flying house.
  • Professor Woggle-Bug - Once a regular sized insect, he was placed under a microscope, which grew him to human size. Professor Woggle-Bug is an inventor dedicated to the persuit of knowledge and founded the College of Art and Athletic Perfection.
  • Mooj the Magician¬†- A notably powerful magician who lives on the Moojer Mountain.

Notable Munchkin Locations:

  • Horizon's Stronghold - A small, hilly town that is a common 'landing area' for travel storms.
  • The Ozure Isles - Five fertile islands in the center of Munchkinland, inhabited by several large cities. The islands rest in Lake Orizon, a salt-water lake that is said to behave more like a small sea than lake.
  • The Sapphire City - Set in the Ozure Isles, the Sapphire City is the capital of Munchkinland. The King is officially King Cheeriobed and his wife, Queen Orin, though many Munchkins simply see this as a formality, and consider the Scarecrow the true king. In the palace garden of the Sapphire City, a pear tree grows which bears one piece of fruit each year. Eating the fruit will grant the eater a magical pair of golden wings.
  • The Deadly Poppy Field - A field of red poppies with a spicy scent that makes anything living faint.
  • Mount Munch - A mountain on the eastern border of Munchkinland, touching the Deadly Desert.
  • College of Art and Athletic Perfection - A school founded by Professor Woggle-Bug, in which students do not attend classes, but instead are given pills with their information in them. This way, their spare time can be devoted to athletic pursuits.
  • Dicksy Land - A town where apples grow on raspberry bushes and roses on daisies. It is a highly urban, 'topsy turvy' place.
  • Moojer Mountain - A peak in Munchkinland not far from the Emerald city.
  • Seebania - A small kingdom in the south. The rulers once controlled much of the land, but when Ozma came to rule Oz, the kings voluntarily withdrew and now dwell in their capital, Shamsbad.


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