Lurlinemas (Holiday)

The purpose of Lurlinemas each year is to reflect and give thanks to all that you have been blessed with in the previous year with The Fasting. Just as Lurline so selflessly gave of herself to create Oz, we all choose a vice to renounce. For one week before Lurlinemas, we forsake this chosen transgression as an offering to the Great Fairy Lurline.

The Time Keeper's Guild has announced that the Fasting will begin on the sundown of January the 2nd and end on the sundown of January the 9th, Lurlinemas Eve.

Once the sun has set on Lurlinemas Eve, the real fun begins! Communities gather together to tell stories, share food, and partake in the vices that they had been withholding. A newer tradition, brought over by Storm Riders, is to hang socks or stockings up. Anyone who wishes to give out treats to fellow countrymen can put them in the stockings before bed.

Before going to sleep, we place out a shoe or boot with an offering to the Krampus. The offering might vary from town to town or family to family, but many people include things such as candy, fruit, shiny stones, or a message. Sometimes the Krampus may come, other times he will not. If the Krampus chooses to take your offering, it is considered a blessing. If he leaves a token in exchange for the offering, it is considered an even greater blessing.

It is also the Krampus's duty to take away naughty children and put them in his sack. He takes these children to his castle to serve out the rest of their childhoods as his servants.

Lurlinemas Day is spent exchanging gifts, playing games, and eating treats. All those who would like to use the tavern to hang stockings or join us in other merriment are more than welcome.

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