General Jinjur's Army of Revolt

"May I ask your name?" said Tip, as he trotted along.
"I am General Jinjur," was the brief reply.
"Oh!" said the boy surprised. "What sort of a General?"
"I command the Army of Revolt in this war," answered the General, with unnecessary sharpness.
"Oh!" he again exclaimed. "I didn't know there was a war."
"You were not supposed to know it," she returned, "for we have kept it a secret; and considering that our army is composed entirely of girls," she added, with some pride, "it is surely a remarkable thing that our Revolt is not yet discovered."
"It is, indeed," acknowledged Tip. "But where is your army?"
"About a mile from here," said General Jinjur. "The forces have assembled from all parts of the Land of Oz, at my express command. For this is the day we are to conquer His Majesty the Scarecrow, and dispose him from the throne. My Army of Revolt only awaits my coming to march upon the Emerald City, then we will attack as planned!"

Born to a middle class Munchkin family during the Scarecrow's reign, Jinjur was quick to be outraged at the overwhelmingly large number of men ruling the government of The Emerald City at the time. In the Year 25, Jinjur raised an army of women and attacked The Emerald City in Ozma's name. She enslaved all of the men and boys and declared herself the queen.

This lasted only a few months before Ozma returned and Jinjur was dethroned and arrested. Because Ozma decided that the General has good intentions, she pardoned her and allowed her and her army to serve as Ozma's new army.

General Jinjur is a taller-than-average Munchkin with a tough exterior. She never gives up without a good fight and is a good, reliable, and honest General.

During (the war), Jinjur led several successful attacks against the opposing armies, and was awarded many awards for tactics and heroism. After suffering some irreversible injuries, General Jinjur retired to a quiet life on a farm in Munchkinland.

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