Gillikin Country

Gillikin Country (sometimes simply called "Gillikin") is the northernmost part of Oz and is more industrial and prosperous than the other countries. Many businessmen, merchants, politicians, and bureaucrats are Gillikinese. The land is a little colder than the rest of Oz, and is mountainous.

Gillikin is ruled by plutocratic oligarchy. Captains of industry buy positions on the ruling legislative body.

Notable Gillikins

  • Glinda - A famously good witch.
  • Mombi - A famously evil witch who collected the heads of young maidens and used them to replace her own head.
  • Jellia Jamb - The head of all maids in the Emerald City.
  • Mist Maidens - A race of fairies who live in the mists.
  • Flatheads - A race of people who live on a mountaintop. They have flat heads and carry their brains in a can in their pocket. They are rivals with the Skeezers.
  • Skeezers - A race of people who live in a glass city in the middle of a lake. They are rivals with the Flatheads, though the quarreling has been going on so long, no one can remember how it started. Though Skeezers look human, they are rumored to be immortals.
  • Reera the Red - A witch who specializes in transformations. She lives alone and tries to stay secluded.
  • Kumpabo - The Elegant Elephant, councilor to the royal family of Pumperdink.
  • Hoopers - A race of 10 foot tall humanoids who grab their feet and roll as hoops. They live in the Purple Forests.
  • Scooters - A race of people who live on the waters of the Gillikin River. They have long boat-like feet and have sails growing from their wrists to their ribs.

Notable Gillikin Locations

  • The Forest of the Winged Monkeys - The forest in which the mobats originate.
  • The Ruby Palace of Gayelette - Notable for being made of rubies in a very purple area, this palace belongs to Gayelette, the Good Witch of the North.
  • Loonville - A village of balloon-like creatures called Loons. They are territorial and will puff up when angry or threatened.
  • Yoop Castle - A castle that once belonged to the giant, Yookoohoo.
  • Magic Isle - A small island onto which all evil energy is banished. It does little to contain the energy.
  • The Forest of Gugu - The largest forest in Oz, this wild land contains a various assortment of animals including Elephants, Hippos, Leopards, Monkeys, Rhinos, Zebras, Bears, Bison, Donkeys, Foxes, Serpents, Kangaroos, Unicorns, and Wolves. It is ruled by Gugu, the Leopard King, and his council.
  • Pumperdink - A city that looks like a fairy tale on the outside, but upon further inspection has some barbaric and odd habits such as dipping criminals in ink so that they may be forever marked. Ruled by King Pompus and Queen Pozy Pink.
  • Kimbaloo - A town whose economy is based on buttons harvested from the trees. Ruled by King Kinda Jolly and Queen Rosa Merry.
  • Up Town - The capitol of Gillikin Country, ruled by Joe King and Queen Hyacinth.
  • Candy County - A county in which lollipops from the ground, fields are cake crumbs, and clouds are like cotton candy. It is illegal to eat candy here. Ruled by the Great Royal Marshmellow.
  • Purplefield - A tiny village of purple flowers. Because of a curse, for many years it was a maze run by a ruthless Gamekeeper. Anyone who did not make it out of the maze in 24 hours would vanish forever. The spell was lifted when Dorothy escaped it, and the village returned.
  • Absurd City - A town collected of changelings that were experimented on and now are disfigured or too dangerous to be around humans. Ruled by The Great Parrot-Ox. (Get it?)


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