A History of Oz and Winkie Country

from the perspective of an Ozma loyalist and Winkie Countryman



  • "Admired Friends" - an honorific for the bosom friends of Ozma (canonical characters). Includes Dorothy Gale, the Scarecrow, Nick Chopper the Tin Emperor, the Cowardly Lion, The Wizard, Tik-Tok, Prof. H.M. Wogglebug, the Hungry Tiger, Jack Pumpkinhead, Billina, Shaggy Man, and the Sawhorse.
  • "Dorothy's Triat" - A political alliance based on those who Dorothy Gale helped bring together. Considered to be Ozma ruling from the Emerald City, Regent Scarecrow of Munchkinland, the Tin Emperor of Winkie Country, and the Good Witches of North and South ruling Gillikin and Quadling lands.


Year 15

The Winkie people are liberated from the oppression of the Wicked Witch of the West. Most people leave the castle territory and moved south and west towards fertile farming lands. There they settle and start working the land and building small and welcoming towns. Many have great admiration for the hero-girl Dorothy Gale and use both her first and last name regularly in the naming of their children.

Year 25

Rumors surface in Winkie Country that the daughter of King Pastoria, the rightful heir of the Royal Line of Lurline has been discovered by Glinda the Good. Enjoying the long-aged heritage of fairies, many Winkies believe that the Royal Family of Lurline is the true ruling family of Oz, before it was ended by Mombi, who hid baby Ozma by transforming her into a little boy, Tip.

Year 26

Ozma rightfully takes the throne as the daughter of King Pastoria, and descendant of the Royal Family of Lurline. After the exceedingly short "Emerald War", the Scarecrow abdicates peacefully, which to many only proves the wisdom he's known for. Ozma, in her peaceful manner, grants him her friendship and Regency of Munchkinland, recognizing his wisdom and history as an integral part of the rich farming traditions. Queen Ozma, Regent Scarecrow, Emperor Chopper and the Good Witches of the North and South rule the five lands of Oz.

"The Verdant Years" (~ Year 26-94)

Thriving, happy times for Winkies and Ozians. Ozma rules from the Emerald City, Emperor Nick Chopper rules Winkie Land, King Scarecrow oversees the Guild-Heads of Munchkin Land, in a political and friendly alliance popularly known as "Dorothy's Triat". Gillikin and Quadling Country enjoy contended years also. Many Winkie families enjoy great success and growth in their farms, businesses and families. Ozma's honorable friend Jack Pumpkinhead plants his pumpkin fields and the lands around the Buttercup Family holdings become known as Pumpkin Dale. Scarecrow builds his tower near the East Winkie River. Emperor Chopper rules peacefully and Hero-Girl Dorothy Gale comes to live with Ozma in the Emerald City.

Year 95-96

Azkadellia rises to power in Winkie Country and since he cannot bring himself to put his people in harm by way of war, Emperor Nick Chopper is deposed by Azkadellia and is exiled out of Winkie Country. Azkadellia rules with a harsh superiority. She does not go as far as the Wicked Witch and consign the Winkies to servitude and military and work camps, but her rule definitely lacks the love and bountiful caring of the years of ruling by the Emperor.

Year 97

Emperor Nick Chopper is rumored to be seeking an army with the help of Ozma and Scarecrow to reclaim Winkie Country, but nothing is confirmed and no great actions take place in the land.

Year 100

Scarecrow rallies an army, apparently alone, in the east and reclaims Emerald City and throne from Ozma in response to Azkadellia's actions in the west. As his Admired Friend, Ozma steps aside gracefully, agreeing to temporarily allow Scarecrow rule of the Emerald City to use his wise mind to seek a solution to his missing Admired Friend Nick Chopper. Many Winkies believe this must be a tactical step in a long run plan to reinstate Dorothy's Triat, and reinstate Nick Chopper as Emperor of the Winkies. Some say that Nick Chopper is in hiding somewhere and is working with the Regent Scarecrow and Princess Ozma. Others say that Ozma is actually being held as a Guest-Prisoner by the Scarecrow, and was forcefully made to give up her throne, and pointed mention that the location of Nick Chopper hasn't been confirmed in years.

Year 105

Times appear peaceful enough, though only the Scarecrow and Azkadellia voices seem to carry any weight through the lands. Supporters of Ozma begin to wonder when, or if, the Scarecrow plans on bringing back the ruling powers of Dorothy's Triat. All statements from Ozma or Dorothy from within the Emerald City come through Scarecrow approved mediums, and while sound content and peaceful, are argued by some to be falsified completely. These statements are quietly discussed and questioned by members of Ozma's army and devotees of Dorothy.

Year 110

It is confirmed that Ozma has left the Emerald City and has been seen in Glinda the Good's Quadling Country. It is said that she has set up Ozma's Camps for Girls and Boys to teach the benefits of a healthy, active, and socially supportive lifestyle. Graduates of her camps go home or around the World of Oz to become positive and engaging members of their communities. Their parties and events are known as beautiful, peaceful and talkative affairs. But it's not all canapes and aperitifs, as Ozma's veterans and supporters share theories of how the Emerald City could be taken back again, or how Dorothy could be saved from Scarecrows unwise choices and then unite behind her to save the Winkies from the New Witch Azkadellia.

Year 112

Regent Scarecrow is the benevolent ruler of Oz, but Azkadellia still rules in Winkie Country. Most businesses and farms are still thriving, but the slowly closing fist of the New Witch is an eerie reminder to survivors of the Wicked Witch. Many children are raised on quietly told tales of their families tests and trials while surviving the rule Wicked Witch, and heroic stories of The Admired Friends saving the Winkies and the peaceful and bountiful times in Oz during Ozma's rule, Dorothy's Triat and The Verdant Years.

Year 142

Great Spell breaks. Dorothy Gale dies, and rumors abound of exactly how. The least exciting is simply that age caught up with her Stormrider body. Scarecrow officially allies himself with Azkadellia, supposedly for peace of the realm. The United Oz Coalition is formed between Scarecrow, Azkadellia and Ozma. Supporters of Dorothy's Triat suspect that Azkadellia has tinkered with the Scarecrows brains, and that Ozma is lost by the shock of losing her Admired Friend Dorothy and in her state is unwilling to let her followers suffer more death and war. It has been so long since anyone has heard from Emperor Nick Chopper that most Winkies believe that he has now been lost to the Great Spell, or much more quietly that he was never exiled and Azkadellia holds him prisoner still.


Many Winkie families and descendants of survivors of the Wicked Witch are feeling the oppression of the New Witch Azkadellia. Her ruler is stern and punishments harsh. You can be "free" and successful as long as her laws are followed, but after the extreme oppression of the Wicked Witch, the Winkies are a people who love and value their freedom and liberties. The compassionate rule of Emperor Nick Chopper allowed for bountiful times and people yearn for a nostalgic idea of benevolent servitude to a loving ruler and the freedom to personally flourish. Not that these are yearnings to be talked about aloud. The belief that the return of Dorothy's Triat, and thus the return of Nick Chopper and removal of Azkadellia has in turn helped grow the number of Winkie people within Ozma's ranks.

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