4 months and 10 days since Oz!

The World of Oz is a Pacific Northwest LARP inspired by the gritty dark fantasy and steampunk backdrop found in the undertones of the world of Oz expanded lore. Blending sword and sorcery, politics, Oz-oriented themes / species, and player-driven story, the World of Oz LARP strives to be that excellent blend between dark fantasy and campy fun!

  • Intro & Rules
    A quick overview of the game and things you'll need to know
  • History
    Historical events and dates of note
  • People
    The (playable) races of people that reside in Oz
  • Places
    Information about the regions of the land
  • Society
    Living in Oz: laws, traditions, customs, and social order


+Things that go bump in the night or frolic in the day

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October Event - World of Oz
November Event - World of Oz

Note: Events for the next calendar year may take some time to be confirmed, so if it's late in the year and there are no Upcoming Events listed, DON'T WORRY!  Events will be posted as they are confirmed with site and staff.


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Author: Kristen Wells - Published 2020-01-16 20:40 - (824 Reads)

The holiday we've all be waiting for.


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