The Minor Guilds of Oz

Minor guilds do not hold the same political power as Ruling Guilds, but they do provide structure and support for those whose work or trade does not fit within the jurisdiction of a Ruling Guild. Joining a Minor Guild offers protection from conscription and immediate Ozian citizenship in the same way joining a Ruling Guild does.

All Guilds that are not directly created by the Trifecta begin as Minor Guilds. Creating a new Guild requires at least three potential members and sponsorship from a Ruling Guild. After a year of sponsorship the new Minor Guild no longer requires sponsorship, but many Minor Guilds maintain ties with the Ruling Guild which sponsored them. Minor Guilds can petition the Trifecta to become Ruling Guilds, but these petitions rarely result in a Guild’s elevation.

Minor Labor Affiliated Guilds

Old Coots (Scarecrow)

The Old Coots originally began as a guild for retired Ruling Labor Guild members, but those who work labor-based and manufacturing jobs which do not fit into one of the Ruling Labor Guilds have slowly taken to joining this guild. Seamstresses, toymakers, hatters, and all other manner of “makers” who sell their goods through the Mercantiles are members of this guild.

Minor Emerald Affiliated Guilds

Law Ward Guild (Scarecrow)

The judicial guild of Oz. They interpret Ozian and local laws as judges, represent citizens in court as lawyers, and advise local lawmakers as to whether proposed local laws would conflict with higher order laws of Oz or not.

Ministry of Domestic Security (Azkadellia)

PC’s cannot begin game in this guild.

The holding agency for Azkadellia's budget, and includes a network of specialized bureaucrats who keep track of taxes and spending over all the Oz countries.

Other Minor Guilds

Wordsmiths (Scarecrow, Ozma, Azkadellia)

Members of the free press, including reporters, editors, and distributors of fact and opinion based publications. Founded by the Wright Brothers of Stronghold Horizon.


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