The documents are returned sorted on relevance depending on order, proximity, frequency of terms.

Default search behavior

By default, all search terms are optional. It behaves like an OR logic. Objects that contain the more terms are rated higher in the results and will appear first. For example, wiki forum will find:

  • objects that include both tokenized terms
  • objects that include the term wiki
  • objects that include the term forum or forums

Boolean operators

You can use AND or OR or NOT also to do a boolean search. Example: wiki and forum will find objects with both terms. Example: wiki or forum will find objects with one of the term.

Grouping terms

Use parenthesis ( ) to group terms into subexpressions. Example: wiki and (forum blog) will find objects that contain wiki and forum or that contain wiki and blog in any order.

Finding phrases

Use double quotes ( " " ) around a phrase to find terms in the exact order, next to each other. Example: "Alex Bell" will not find Bell Alex or Alex G. Bell but Alex Bells.