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July 29, 2014

Starting In-Game Date Beginning with the first event May 31st, 2013, the In-Game date for the characters will May 31st of the Year of Oz 145. The Land of Oz - As written by Ambassador Glompsh Redpeak The Land of Oz is a magical place. Filled with joy, camp, adventure and self-growth. The lands flow with milk and honey, the fields wave in the breeze, and the Emerald City stands as a beautiful landmark on the horizon. Peace is what these people know, and while they may be eclectic and different, they are all of Oz and are all equal. Thatís the story youíve been sold on at least. The story youíve heard and know. The way that the grand heroes and policy makers want you to know. The way that welcoming committees, curators and instructors teach our lore. Thatís a fat load of crap. Here on these pages are some of the revelations of the truth of Oz. An unhidden, maybe still kind of biased, view on how things really are. They werenít exactly lollipops and rainbows before the ĎGreat Spellí fell, but I suppose things have gotten a whole lot worse in some ways. In the Beginning In the Beginning the Great Faeries flew over our lands. They were the Kings and Queens, the Princes and Princesses; their beauty was like that of a million stars and gardens of heavenly flowers. They were benevolent, they loved, and they were inevitably bad deadbeat parents that created our world, granted us Immortality, and then fled. Some of their bastard children are still around, mockeries of their once former glory, but as quickly as they had come and swept us off of our feet, they abandoned us to the cruelty of the worlds like some great experiment. Birds talked, tribes of Munchkins munchkined, patchwork people patched, and wheelers wheeled. We all etched out our own territories. Finding our own politics and beliefs, and for the most part in the beginning folks were willing to live and let live. Then the first great Tornado came, bringing with it outsiders. A great Wizard was born, a celebrity and charlatan really, but the people rallied to him and a great central government was built. The Emerald City became the seat of power for all of the future Rulers of Oz including our most noble, wise and benevolent Ruler, our Majesty the Scarecrow. Upheavals Oz has had numerous threats over the ages, both from within and without their lands. The Nome Kingís invasions, the uprising of Jinjur and Ozma, the overthrow of Witches, wicked and otherwise, and the Scarecrow being removed and replaced. There is a lot of lore tied into this, and really Iíve not the time or inclination to delve too deeply into it. If you are interested in learning about the history of the lands around you, ask. There may be some Elders still alive and well who can tell you about the time their grandpappy put on armor and stood at the gates of the Emerald City. The Breaking of the ĎGreat Spellí It didnít end with a flash of light. It didnít end with a thunderous roar. Everything fell apart with a sob of agony, with fear, with abject horror and mourning. One day things were as we knew. Politics played their parts, sure. Things were tough. People were starving, people were maimed, but people were alive. There may have been pain, but everyone was still alive. That ended. Children died in droves, Parents and Elders never opened their eyes. We did not know what to do. Most still donít. Itís only been three years since the breaking of the ĎGreat Spellí as its grown to be known. We lost our immortality. The spell that the Faeries cast was sundered. The roads were bloated with the corpses of the fallen. People fell over into their breakfasts, clerks died at their desks, whole swaths of civilization came to a halt. The Scarecrow, Azkadellia and Ozma are our great hopes. What tomorrow brings is unknown, but what yesterday brought...let us hope we never experience something so foul, so awful, ever again. We are mortal now. We bleed and we die. We age and we die. We trip and we die. It is no longer a matter of Accidents, no longer a matter of someone being headstrong and never returning from the desert sands. We now know true horror. True sorrow. May our childrenís generations be more fortunate than us pathetic fools who thought things would never change.

Races of Oz

Race seems like such a dirty word, and well, its difficult really to break down the denizens of Oz into just a few categories. I have done my best though to gather up what Iíve learned and write it here. If you are offended, so be it, but if you arenít then that probably means this is for you. Enjoy the read! Humans From here, from there, from everywhere! Humans are one of the most difficult to track down history with, you usually end up with a mishmash of cultures from the Outworld and Oz all condensed down. Holding positions within every Military and within most towns, Humans seem to have adapted to our new existence quickly and easily, their sheer ability to adapt really aiding them in these dark and uncertain times. Immortals Immortal is what we came to call them. Ha! Gallows humor still knows no bounds. The pixies, elves, pointy eared whose and who nots, are the bastard offspring of the Faeries. Traits passed down from generation to generation have given them what seems even now to be an extraordinarily long, but fragile existence. Some of the greatest Witches and Wizards come from these ranks; pure unfettered talent comes from them when they attempt to weave the mystical arts. Constructs Whether it be metal, straw, quilting or wood, the people that have come to be known as Constructs can be found anywhere. Whether they too fell into the hope of winning a womanís love by changing their form, or they are part of some great experiment, one thing is known for certain, they are some tough buggers. Found doing everything from clerical work, to running taverns, to being in charge of Security, while they may look slow many of them are as sharp of wit as any other Oz-lander. Viewers The noble lions of the jungles and savannahs. Once, maybe. Talk about a bunch of damned sissies, at least when compared to the legends you hear. To be fair, I suppose, there are the occasional wandering tribe of truly badass lions that come through now and again. All Roar and ALL BITE! Sorry. The thing Viewers are most known for, and why theyíve acquired that name over the years, is their ability to read one another. Once upon a time they were able to discern great ideas and whole conversations with another person, without even opening their mouths. Perhaps even more disturbing than that though, and in some ways even greater, they are now able to talk to the dead. Itís disturbing, but well worth watching sometime if you ever get the chance. If they can be cajoled into it, they may be some of the greatest investigators Oz will ever have in the future. Nomes Nomes, Iíve felt, have always gotten a bad wrap here in the lands of Oz. Full disclosure; I am the Ambassador from the Nome King to Oz. That said, I feel I have a fairly strong grasp of our history and politics, and the maneuvers that have existed here within Oz to discredit or demonize my people. Sure, we may have once tried to siege Oz to take the Emerald City for all of the riches. Sure, we may feel entitled to everything beneath the grass (who else is using it?) but really most of us are just artisans, politicians and explorers like everyone else. Give a Nome a chance. Who knows, we may end up being your best friends! Changelings Wolves, dragons, bears, moles and even a flamingo! Changelings come in all shapes, sizes and breeds. Itís tough to know when you see one, but easy to tell when they start talking to you! A Changeling is what weíve come to know them as, and any animal whether real or fantastical likely has a Changeling cousin somewhere. We arenít really sure where they come from, they never seem to breed perfectly true, and it always seems to be some strange happenstance that brings them into being. Donít be surprised though if that fellow with the golden eyes, whose constantly sniffing at butts, turns out to be able to sprout fur, fangs and claws when he gets upset though. Walk carefully is my only advice. Munchkin It could be easily said that Munchkins were the most drastically harmed by the fall of the Great Spell. Tribal, communal people, they built up entire communities within all of Munchkinland that were truly, unashamedly gregarious. But when the elders died, when parents saw their children suddenly bloat from some drowning incident years before, something changed. You can occasionally catch a glimmer of pure joy from within them, a shadow of what they once were, but the sorrow and horrors that they experienced are carried heavily by most. Thatís not to say that they donít still party, laugh and smile. I just always feel bad when I sit down with them, and they occasionally stare miles and miles away, their minds taken back to the moment that their world was shattered and their hearts were broken.

Military Forces of Oz

What was once a gaggle of children and the elderly playing at soldier, while those that were more able bodied had trades, the Military now has a very real and very important place in this new world. The Scarecrow, Ozma and Azkadellia all have forms of militaries and all are viewed as legitimate enterprises to join within. The notes below are incomplete, but they are the structures as I understand them. Since the inception of the Counsel of the United Oz Coalition for prosperity and productivity there have been several changes to the military, including compulsory service for some. If compulsory service is required (OOG: 21 years of Age or younger) belt favors with the Military Force you are a member of will be supplied and must be worn at all times. UOC Meetings Notes - Year of OZ 143 All adults that have not achieved majority (21 years of age OOG) must be conscripted for a term of service no less than that of attaining majority into one of the forces of Oz. Enlistment after majority is by choice, terms of non-officer service to not exceed 200 years. This established practice was decided upon during the "Child Enlistment and Service Act" counsel of the United Oz Coalition for prosperity and productivity. A Tri-Partisan force working towards the betterment of all of Oz's citizens. UOC Meetings Notes - Year of OZ 146 All conscripted, Officers and Civil Authorities may not partake of Alcoholic Beverages (OOG or IG) while on duty. Duty is determined to be until the duration of their Service has expired and they are no longer a member of the Forces of Oz. Punishment for offenders is banishment from Oz without chance of parole. This established practice was decided upon during the "Armed Men and Women are Getting Drunk and Hurting Themselves and Others" counsel of the United Oz Coalition for prosperity and productivity. A Tri-Partisan force working towards the betterment of all of Oz's citizens. Scarecrow - Ruler of OZ (positions acquired through merit/service. typical military) SYMBOL: White picket fence in front of a cob of corn and rye Conscript Specialist (Culinary, Engineer, etc) Commissar (NCO) Captain (Coordinates Town) Major (Coordinates Territory) Captain General - Omby Amby The Scarecrow is the known and appointed Ruler of Oz. He has built up an army to protect the lands, at first simply made up of old men and children; the army is now a thriving tool within the lands. Since the 'Great Spell' failed, and the forces of evil that have surrounded and filled Oz have been amassing, their work is tireless as they prepare to protect the one's they love. In an attempt at maintaining Order, the Scarecrow has aligned himself with Azkadellia and allows her to maintain the civil authorities within townships. It is rumored that there are those within the Military who detest the fact that the Scarecrow has made a deal with Azkadellia, and are looking for any opportunity to sever that relationship at the earliest convenience for the betterment of all of Oz. Azkadellia - Civil Authority (positions are appointed) SYMBOL: Iron Kite Shield with a Black Tower Patrolman (Town cops) Marshall (Sergeant of a Town) Tin Man (Sergeant of a Territory) Civil Authority (many different fields, architecture/engineering/commerce) Warlord - Deuschainne Dupree The dark once self-titled Tyrant of Oz; Azkadellia has recently joined forces with the Scarecrow. Her civil forces, officers and authorities, have aided in maintaining a semblance of law and order within the lands of Oz. While she has allied herself with the Ruler, it is rumored that it is only a matter of time before the Sorceress again tries to wrest control from the King. It is rumored that Azkadellia has a secret assassin's guild that has grown in strength and popularity, seemingly in readiness for the great spell of immortality to it has. Ozma - Once Queen of Oz (positions are elected) SYMBOL: Green Emerald with a Rainbow Soldier - Male and Female Lady - Female only (responsible for throwing parties and events) Duchess (responsible for covert dealings in a township) Princess (responsible for military actions in a territory) Matron of Roy G Biv - Matron Peregrine (coordinates all territories) Ozma once rose to great position, her rebel army of women having overthrown the Scarecrow for a time. Once her people had acquired power however, they quickly lost it again to the forces of the Scarecrow. Ozma's armies are amassing again however and their rebel parties, balls and events, are the stories of legend. While they all hope and assist the eventual raising of their Queen to the rankings of Ruler of Oz again, they have been held in check by the newly aligned Scarecrow and Azkadellia. Support of Ozma is not outlawed, per se, but when the rabble rousers come out, itís not unheard of for them to mysteriously disappear. They are permitted a seat in the United Oz Coalition out of respect for Ozma's heritage.