The Rules

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The gameplay rules contain what you need to know for playing the World of Oz LARP including: Combat Reenactment rules Character Creation rules Skills, Magic and Alchemy rules and more! If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions, please post on our Forum.

Weapon Specifications

Weapons that do not meet these specifications cannot be used, and one may be loaned to you if you do not have one, if available. Weapons cannot be attached to each other or combined i.e. no bayonets or ‘gun-blades’. Store bought latex weapons and For a Price Arms (, Nerf, Buzz Bee, and Air Zone foam shooters are pre-approved. Homemade foam shooters are not allowed, while homemade boffers must be examined and approved by Staff before use. A Bow weapon is a real bow that: Must be a real straight bow, no compound bows 35lb pull or less Use boffer arrows (arrow shaft tipped with at least two inches of foam). These can be purchased online. A Brawler Skill weapon is foam cored boffer that the: Color must be BLACK 'Blade' length minimum 12 inches, Overall 16 - 20 inches (30” with the changeling pure blood ability). 'Blade' tip must have at least 2 inches of un-cored foam. A Firearm is a foam dart shooter that operates by single pump or spring action that: Painted realistic / steampunk colors. Parts may be added for looks or to meet the requirements for Apparatus Shoot up to two foam darts per trigger reset No part of the original function can be modified in any way. Stock out-of-the-box operation ONLY Firing cannot be battery or air-can operated Clips / loaded shooter cannot hold more than 8 darts A Melee weapon, including Enchanted Sword, is foam cored boffer that: Must be realistic / steampunk colors, NOT black Boffer must have a core 'Blade' length minimum 12 inches, Overall 16 - 40 inches 'Blade' tip must be padded with at least 2 inches of foam Fire Sword blade is RED blade or RED ribbon at the cross guard. A Throwing weapon a foam coreless boffer that: Must be realistic / steampunk colors, NOT black Boffer CANNOT have a core Overall length 4 - 20 inches A Packet is cloth filled with birdseed: Use a piece of cloth 6-8 inches by 6-8 inches in size, a rubber band, and bird seed that does not contain corn or sunflower seeds. Insert 1 or 2 tablespoons of birdseed into the center of the fabric, lift the edges, and seal closed with a rubber band. The packet should be soft and pliable, not rock hard or unusually heavy.