Denizens of Oz

The characters listed below are played by players at events. If you would like to add your character, make your character biography public in the Character Manager.



Rather evasive about her origins, Azra is a Skunk Changeling who tends to be proud of her healing and skill with alchemy. She enjoys playing cards and currently works in the Tavern.

B. Jangle

Once a model skeleton in an Alchemist's lab, Jangle was brought to life in a freak accident.
She now wanders around, trying to make friends and not scare the skin off of people. 


Fierce. Loyal. Enigmatic.

Mixing a sweet face and a strange demeanor, the dog-ling has made Horizon's Stronghold his forever home in Oz. 

Castor Achaius

A rare and majestic creature, Castor is a gem enthusiast that sells exotic and rare gems and jewelry. He seeks out only the finest quality for both his own collection and his business.

Charlotte Tundra Knight Of The Order Of Windmills

Charlotte Tundra is a Unionist Knight questing for Relics and general gentry.


Owned by the Glass House, Clawdette assists with operations (serving, cleaning, etc.) at the Red Poppy Lounge.


Commissar Colin. War Hero of the Scarecrow Army, Citizen of Horizon's Stronghold, Drunkard.

Regularly found half drunk off of his own hooch, Colin has long been a fixture of Horizon's Stronghold, having been born and raised in the small town. With an uncanny ability to always be a few moments late, he has yet managed to survive the World.

Daniel Lee

A self-proclaimed "Private Investigator", this storm rider is known for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.

Danny Emerald

"For all your needs, Think Green" Danny is the quintessential merchant. If you want it, Danny either has it in stock, or knows where you can get it ASAP. No order is too big or too small, too common or too obscure. Specializing in Fuels for devices, and protective devices, Danny is your one stop for all things, and will work to get you fair and honest pricing on everything you could want!


Death was brought back to the lands of Oz by the shattering of The Great Spell. Not only does she now have work to do here, but she is also curious of this land that has been blind to her for so long. She hopes to help Ozians learn to really live...


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