The World of OZ is a Pacific Northwest LARP inspired by the gritty dark fantasy and steampunk backdrop found in the world of OZ. Blending sword and sorcery, politics, Oz-oriented themes and races, and player-driven story, the World of Oz LARP strives to be that excellent blend between dark fantasy and campy fun!

A Response to Recent Player Communications
March 23, 2019

Hello My Fellow Ozians, I wanted to take a moment to respond to recent communications both public and private. To start, I think it is important to explain that World of Oz was never meant to reflect the vision of any one individual. When the game began we had some rules, a sparse wiki, a list of sources to reference, and we gave players a lot of freedom in deciding who or what they wanted to represent in our shared world. Our players developed more than just their own characters, they developed whole territories of Oz and defined pieces of how the world worked. Some of these ideas didn't fit together, but taken as a whole the materials we draw from don't either! Book to book, Oz is not the same place even within the scope of L. Frank Baum's original series. Over the years more about th...

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