A Response to Recent Player Communications

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A Response to Recent Player Communications

Postby Kristen W » Sat Mar 23, 2019 2:38 am

Hello My Fellow Ozians,

I wanted to take a moment to respond to recent communications both public and private.

To start, I think it is important to explain that World of Oz was never meant to reflect the vision of any one individual. When the game began we had some rules, a sparse wiki, a list of sources to reference, and we gave players a lot of freedom in deciding who or what they wanted to represent in our shared world. Our players developed more than just their own characters, they developed whole territories of Oz and defined pieces of how the world worked. Some of these ideas didn't fit together, but taken as a whole the materials we draw from don't either! Book to book, Oz is not the same place even within the scope of L. Frank Baum's original series.

Over the years more about this world we share has been defined by our shared story and experience. We have added more information to our wiki, updated and refined our rules, and have years of in game stories and editions of the Stronghold Gazette to look back on. There have been difficult times, disagreements about how the world should be defined or who should have the power to change it, but through it all this has remained a community that I have been proud to serve and represent.

We take the concerns our players bring to us seriously. We have made many changes over the years based on our feedback surveys, emails to staff, public discussions, conversations at afters or other social events, and in game actions people take. We have let the players guide changes in game and out of game to reflect the world the community wants to play in. We do our best to let each player play World of Oz in the way they find rewarding, but the community as a whole will always be weighted above any individual player or staff member's idea of a perfect game.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your contributions to World of Oz. Without your contributions there would be far less magic and mystery. The World of Oz staff have been working on some big changes lately (another post coming soon!), some that are perhaps long overdue, and we look forward to collaborating with you as determine how best to apply these changes to our shared story.

Any community member with concerns, or who feels unsafe or unwelcome at our game, is welcome to reach out to our GM(Kristen) at general.manager@lastgamesnw.org, our Owner(Barney) at owner@lastgamesnw.org, or any staff member you feel most comfortable speaking with.
"People often do a good deed without hope of reward, but for an evil deed they always demand payment." ~ L. Frank Baum
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